About us


Bonjour Bonsoir was created in Paris in 2018 by Laurianne and Vincent. The original idea came in 2016 during a trip to Japan, when they realized that the places they enjoyed the most when they traveled where the places run by people who care: people who have a vision for what they do and carefully execute what it takes to achieve it. Japan is full of places like this - it is even part of their culture; other places in the world not as much. They therefore decided to write about the places and people they encountered around the world that matched this description, and to keep exploring the world looking for them.

Laurianne is an art director specialized in branding design. Vincent is an aerospace engineer who developed a map addiction. They lived abroad for a few years and have traveled the world since. They write in English because it is the language mostly used to travel around the world, although they try and encourage people to learn the local language where they travel. Even a simple Bonjour!  or Bonsoir! will do wonders to create a connection with locals.


Bonjour Bonsoir is not a blog nor a guide book. Traveling is a self-experience where finding one’s own path and spots is at least half of the fun. Bonjour Bonsoir therefore does not list all the different places visited during a trip, nor does it focus on the most famous, beautiful, luxurious spots. However Bonjour Bonsoir lists places where care and attention is brought, and where, hopefully, travelers can find a nice starting point for their own discoveries.